Aakash Karki
Digital Marketer and SEO Specialist based in Nepal.

SEO audits are the starting-points of every SEO strategy. They detail the steps to be taken to improve the popularity of a web site.
I know the difference between a good and poor SEO audit as a consultant to the SEO.
My SEO audits aim to give you a deeper insight into where your website is now and how it can be enhanced

Different elements are taken into account when carrying out SEO audits and each is customized to your company.
With many new (and important) things to check, SEO isn't as straightforward as it once was.
I commit a lot of my time and experience to help explain all these elements so you can understand them. To give you an update on what's included in my SEO audits.

What's included in a website SEO audit?


Sure that search engines like Google can
crawl, index and rate your content is important.
Extensive technical reviews are carried out and suggestions are made to
help search engines locate their website and optimize the power of SEO.


This includes evaluating the content for authenticity, as well as making sure you choose the right keywords. For search engines, SEO-friendly content is a must to understand what the content is about in terms of its relevance to a user question.


Looking at your website's backlinks, and
analyzing their meaning, effectiveness , and efficiency. It is important to have appropriate ties to sustained long
term rankings, as well as "immunity" to search engine algorithm changes.


Do your pages load fast?
Does the user wish to match your content? Is your website easy to navigate?
These are some of the items that are tested to
decide if your website experience is good for your public.


Seeing what the competition is doing helps formulate a plan, and it will
thoroughly examine your rivals to compare key SEO metrics between themselves and your website.


I would never sugarcoat
my customers with something.
All the audit results will be presented exactly as they are, to ensure you
get the most valuable feedback on how to boost the SEO on your website.


Aakash Karki
Digital Marketer and SEO Specialist based in Nepal.

Over the years, I have carried out numerous SEO audits on a wide range of websites
and each time I have found important and actionable ways for my clients to enhance their SEO.

There are many SEOs in the world , of course, but many are taking a easy approach and running the website with a few free resources, and providing a few simple suggestions. But I'm not working like that.

When you hire me to provide you with an SEO audit, I make sure that you are informed and clarified all the important details, so you can fully understand what needs to be done.
If you have trouble understanding the very words "techy," I will describe them in words of layman. I’m passionate about helping my clients understand the recommendations that I’m providing, instead of simply sending them over in a poorly presented spreadsheet or document.


As an expert on the SEO, I am proud to provide competent SEO audit services that businesses really value.
All the suggestions that I provide will help develop your website and are the foundation for a solid, long-term SEO strategy.
I am incredibly well aware of what the right option will be after an audit is done.  I 'm taking some time to look through your website and understand your business. This is something that many other suppliers of SEO audit services lose out on – understanding how the company runs. My research into your business enables my services to hone in on what matters most to you and to your organization.
If you have any queries about my SEO audit services, feel free to click the button below and schedule a call with me. I can provide an overview of your website and where it stands currently, and we can discuss how best to approach your bespoke SEO audit.


How long does it take to conduct an SEO audit?

Because each website is different, the amount of time it takes to perform an audit can vary. The biggest factors that can influence this is the size of the website, as auditing a small website is much easier than auditing a thousands of pages on a website. 

During our initial call, I can always send you an approximate time figure
so you have a general idea about the workload that needs to be handled.

What are the outputs of an SEO Audit?

The SEO audit outputs will list all of the relevant results, along with key recommendations to help enhance the SEO on your website.
As mentioned earlier, and website is different, so the outputs are likely to vary from site to site.

What happens after the SEO Audit is finished?

There are many choices to choose from with the suggestions that are given to you.
If you want to introduce improvements, I will work directly on your project to help you make the changes to your website, if necessary. Alternatively, if you have an internal marketing team, I will provide SEO training to learn how to incorporate the improvements outlined in the SEO audit.

What happens after the SEO Audit is finished?

Ideally, every quarter SEO audits should be carried out to determine the long-term impact of the improvements that have been made. However, some clients prefer to have audits performed
each month to more consistently review their SEO efforts. I will help you search your website on the ideal level.

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