Digital Marketer and SEO Specialist based in Nepal

As a consultant to the SEO, my job
is to help companies make their websites future-proof. Essentially, I work with my customers to formulate an SEO plan that results in higher rankings, more traffic and leads in efficiency.
When I provide SEO consultancy, I take a holistic approach which covers exactly what your website needs to take to the next level.

I've helped different organizations around the world improve their digital presence and SEO is at the core of every project. Optimizing the search engine goes beyond optimizing search engines alone, but also optimizing it for the users. Many organizations don't know where to start with SEO, so I use my experience to recognize the measures that will improve your search engine website effectively.
I can provide actionable guidance that will steer your website in the right direction if you've already dabbled with SEO but have not seen results.

What SEO Consultancy Services do you offer?


Helping your website appear at the top
of Google for your principal terms of search.
I use my experience to make sure that your
website and your target audience become more desirable to Google


My YouTube experience began in 2008, and has continuously been playing with and rating YouTube videos ever since.
I know the solutions that will skyrocket your
rankings on YouTube and help you hit your audience.


Ranking as a local business is vital to beating your competition, and I'll help build
a plan to get more views, interest, and eventually sales from your local businesses' GMB page.


Bad technical SEO makes the search engines
unable to see and/or understand your content.
I'll help ensure search engines like Google
can crawl, index, and rate your website.


It can be difficult to succeed in a crowded ecommerce environment, but I know exactly how to optimize your online store to rank higher and increase traffic and sales of higher quality.


Link building is one of the most difficult SEO practices, but I'm going to help you prepare an successful connection acquisition campaign which will improve your search engine rankings.


Digital Marketer and SEO Specialist based in Nepal.

If you find me through a Google search for "freelance SEO consultant Kathmandu" or some similar phrase, loads of other SEO consultants are out there. Some do scarcely any job, while
others take your money and run. In contrast to these examples, I take pride in helping my clients achieve their digital goals by providing data-backed, verified, and innovative SEO consulting services.

All my SEO methods have been tried and checked, which means I won't suggest a technique I'm not sure would work with.
This is the main difference between myself and other London-based SEO consultants, many of whom take your money and give the job to juniors with little experience. If you want SEO London services that are provided 100 per cent by a senior SEO specialist for your company, then you have reached the right website.
We should work together because I care about my customers and their businesses and I know what works and what doesn't, in terms of SEO.
The days of wasting endless hours and struggling to locate the right SEO consultant are done-because in a haystack you found the needle.  I will determine the best approach for your SEO strategy according to your budget, keeping you aware of the entire plan. I'm all about giving consumers value, so every part of the plan will be clarified to you in-depth, so you can have a better understanding of the path you are going.


As a freelance SEO consultant, it will always be me who works with you (instead of a random Ram, Shyam, or Hari). Within your project you will always have my 100 percent senior feedback and I don't outsource any of my work (unlike many others in the industry). 

I also provide SEO training, a tailor-made SEO audit service, and video marketing training as well as offering SEO consulting services in London. I am proud of my experience and achievements with regard to SEO and have helped several companies to succeed on search engines such as Google, as well as to meet their targeted target audience and to receive high-quality traffic and leads.
If you have any queries about my SEO Consultant services, feel free to click the button below and schedule a call with me. I can provide an overview of your website and where it stands currently, and we can discuss how best to approach your bespoke SEO Consultant.

SEO Consulting FAQs

How Do Your SEO Consulting Session Work?

I am very versatile in how I offer my consulting services to the SEO.
Most of the sessions will take place online (Google Meet /Zoom / Skype) but some
customers prefer to chat on the phone.
Online sessions are perfect because I can see my clients physically and share my
screen so it's easier to absorb details.

How Long Does a Session Last?

One session can be upto 1 hour long.

How Many Session Do I Need?

The number of sessions you need depends on various factors including the size of the
website, how little or a lot of work has already been completed and the budget.

Usually, I will devote a couple of hours a month to advising customers about their current SEO
campaign, as well as outlining what has been accomplished and what the goals are for the months ahead.

Can You Provide Guarantees?

The only assurance is that my experience will be used to help you with your SEO plan.
No search engine optimization expert in the world could guarantee you rankings, because too many variables are involved.

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